8 Reasons why

it is important to cast your vulva:

Looking at your vulva statue will positively change the relationship you have with your vulva. You will be blown away by how a little bit of art can alter your self-perception. You will feel more comfortable, sexy, powerful and proud and you will smile every time you look at your statue, thinking about how great you actually look “down there”.


Every vulva that is cast increases the diversity displayed in the gallery. This gives yourself as well as other people with vulvas the possibility to see how different vulvas can look. Many unrealistic, body shaming and simply ridiculous beauty ideals have managed to turn into socially accepted standards and norms.

By showing the diversity and the reality of how vulvas can look, 

Vulvarium and every person participating are part of a rebellion against these depictions. It helps to make us all understand again that every vulva is normal and 

that every vulva is beautiful. And that we were all born perfect.  



Depending on where you want to display your statue, many thought processes and conversations will arise because of its presence. Even though we live in such a sexualized society, we hardly find the opportunities to openly talk about our feelings, experiences and opinions when it comes to our own sexuality.

Your vulva statue is the perfect starter for conversations that deal with these topics.

You will be surprised, what kind of interesting and surprising topics will arise, as well as the many things you may not know about your partner or friends.  

When thinking about why you should have your vulva cast into a statue, the shortest but also most powerful reason would simply be: because you can!

It is 2020, we as women and people with vulvas have come a long and difficult way and it is about time, we are free to choose what to do with our bodies. We still live in a world where it is totally fine to see naked women* in advertisements and porn movies and where it is not acceptable to breastfeed in public or to decide whether we want to stay pregnant or not. It is 2020 and we do no longer have to get anyone’s permission to decide what to do with our bodies. So have your vulva cast, simply because you can.  



Many of the women and people with vulvas that have received their finished vulva statue explained to me, that ever since being part of Vulvarium, they have become more aware of the lack of knowledge they have in regards to their vulva and sexuality. Having the experience of casting your vulva will start a process of self-awareness and desire to understand yourself and your body better.

Many times, we see and experience things the way we are told to, or the way it is culturally accepted without ever questioning if these views and ideals are right or wrong for ourselves. Having a vulva statue will certainly make you think about your own desires and ideals, and it will signify a starting point for new discoveries and a shift in perspective. 

The casting process itself is important. Sitting down, talking about vulvas and sharing stories while someone is taking an exact copy of your vulva is one of those experience that you’ll think back to and have a good laugh about. 

What better story to tell to your friends and colleagues when they ask how your weekend has been? 

Casting your vulva will become a MUST for everyone’s To-Do-List! 



You will be amazed to see yourself from this new, never before experienced perspective. Seeing yourself through a mirror is very different to actually holding your statue and looking at your vulva from this different angle.

Sometimes surprising, but always amazing. 

And I guess there is no doubt about the following: the better you know your vulva, the more you will benefit from it - if you know what I mean!  

Your support is the most important thing for small businesses like mine and your money is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

So, if you want to live in a society that empowers women and people with vulvas to feel comfortable, proud and happy with exactly the way they are, please leave your money with companies that are giving their best to create this kind of world.

Every cast is one step closer to the world that we as women* and people with vulvas want to live in, that we as parents want our children to live in.  




Every vulva is different,

every vulva is normal,

every vulva is beautiful!