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The appoinment

How do I get a vulva casting appointment with you?

It all starts by contacting me on Instagram, Facebook or e-mail so that we can arrange a 1hr time slot on a day and hour that suits you best.

We then discuss if you prefer coming to my place in Graz, where I normally do the vulva casts, or whether you want me to come to you.

At this point, I will also answer any questions that you might have so that you can feel comfortable and well informed about your upcoming experience.

What if I’m not living in your city?

Not a problem.

Just write me a message to let me know where you are from.

I already have quite a big list of women that want to be cast in other cities and once I have a fair amount of ladies signed up for that city, I will take a trip and we’ll make it happen.

Do NOT think that you are “too far away” – I am a big traveller with friends spread all over the globe so your city might already be part of an upcoming travel plan.

Can I bring a friend to the vulva casting session?

It is completely up to you if you want to come alone or with company.

I always like to mention that little groups, in which every woman gets a cast are typically very fun and educational as the various experiences and thoughts from different women are a great added value.

Please just let me know in advance if you come with company so that I can prepare accordingly.

The casting process

What exactly happens during our vulva casting appointment?

After preparing a nice cup of tea for you I will go through the casting process with you by explaining step by step how the cast is done and which materials are involved.

All you have to know at this point is that the materials are 100% skin-friendly and that the casting does not hurt or feel uncomfortable at all.

After freshening up in my bathroom we are ready to start, and the whole process is done in around 30 min.

You can then jump back into the shower while I prepare your preliminary cast, which you can then explore.

I must add that you will have quite some fun during your casting session and that you will probably want to do it again. :)

Is it unhygienic to do the vulva casting?

No, not at all.

You will have the possibility to shower before and after the casting.

The casting product is skin friendly, only applied to the outside of the vulva and easily washed off. I use disposable materials that are thrown away after one casting.

Furthermore, I only touch you indirectly “via the product” and you can choose for me to use bare and washed hands or gloves.

Once the copy of your vulva has been removed from your body, the moulding process begins. Hereby, the liquid material automatically heats itself to up to 60°C, turning the vulva statue into a completely sterile and clean product.

Do I have to prepare something for the casting? Do I have to shave?


Even though I personally am a big fan of body hair I would prefer if you shaved or at least trimmed your pubic hair for the day of the casting. From experience, the cast will turn out much more detailed without hair.

If you do not want to or if you are unable to shave – no problem. I can still make a very nice cast of your hairy vulva :)

Other than that, nothing needs to be prepared for the day of the casting.

I’ve got my period- can I still come to have my vulva cast?

Yes, you can.

Tampons and cups are perfectly fine for the casting process and will not be seen on the statue (unless we want them to be seen).

Also, I do know that one does not always feel 100% comfortable, clean, beautiful during one’s period. So, if you have your days and prefer to postpone the appointment, I am totally fine with that.

The statue

How long does it take until I receive my vulva statue?

Depending on the workload, your vulva statue should be finished within 4-6 weeks.

If you need it urgently, it can be done within a week.

We can then either meet somewhere for a personal handing-over or exchange details in order to have your statue sent to you by post.

Will my vulva statue be added to your gallery?

Ideally, yes.

In order to create a gallery that represents the diversity and beauty of different vulvas, I want to take photos of all the finished statues.

I will anonymously post the pictures onto the gallery as well as onto my social media sites so that other women can feel empowered when finding themselves represented in one or the other photo.

If you do not want to have the picture of your vulva statue added to the gallery, just let me know on the day of the casting.

Can I buy a vulva statue even though it is not my own cast?

Yes, there are a few statues that are for sale.

These examples have been specifically made for this type of sale and under the agreement of the woman. It is not possible to ask for any other statues.

It is important to mention that the focus of Vulvarium is not to sell vulva statues to someone but to actually go through the experience yourself.

The casting always turns into a great long term memory and there are various reasons why you should get a statue of your own vulva.

So if you can, please try to come in for a casting instead of buying a statue of someone else.

Can you make my vulva statue with a different material?

At the moment I am working with high quality plaster.

I am also planning to turn your beautiful casts into resin, silver, bronze, gold, as well as other metals and materials.

I will also add a diverse range of bases, stands as well as wall mounts.

This work is still in process and I will let you know everything about the different options once they are finalized.

What if I do not like my vulva statue?

So far, the general reaction when receiving the vulva statue has always been pure joy and excitement.

Of course, a lot of how your vulva cast looks depends on the position in which you sat during the casting as well as how your labia was positioned.

Your cast is a snapshot of that very moment. So if you feel that this snapshot is not a good representation of your beautiful vulva, please let me know so that we can find a solution.

The aim is for you to love your vulva, so if it is necessary to redo the statue in order for you to fall in love with it, we can just cast it again.

Why is it important to create a statue of my vulva?

There are plenty of reasons why you should own a statue of your vulva. My top 8 reasons can be found under the "Why?" section of this website.

The general

Is the vulva casting anonymous?

Yes, 100%!

During the casting process no photos or videos are taken by me unless agreed upon in advance. I only take photos of the finished vulva statues in order to show their diversity to my audience.

The statues are all marked with a number and only I know which number goes with which name, so everything is completely anonymous.

If you choose to be part of “the stories” section and share some words with the other woman out there, I will only mention the first letter of your name, your age and your country.

If you still feel unsure about this bit of information or the photo of the statue, we can of course find a solution that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

How much does the vulva casting cost?

The current price for having your vulva cast is 149€. This price includes a 60-80min one on one casting session as well as the vulva statue itself with one varnish of choice (original, shiny, metal, colours).

In addition to that, I do offer a package which also includes a “pocket pussy” which is small enough to fit into any bag so that it can be taken anywhere you go. The price for this package is 189€.

In most cases you will receive your cast via post, so there will be an additional 4,80€ for postage within Austria. Postage outside of Austria varies from country to country and will be checked individually upon request. It mostly is around 15€ for Europe and around 20€ for the rest of the word.

If for whatever reason you are currently unable to afford these prices, do not hesitate to contact me. I really want every person to be able to access the experience of having their vulva turned into a statue and I therefore cast five people for free each month. If you would like to be one of these people, please write me a message so that we can make it possible for you.

I am planning an event and would like you to host a workshop. Is that possible?

Yes, I do offer workshops for many different occasions, including festivals, educational events as well as private occasions and I am always happy to collaborate, exchange and connect with anyone interested in promoting body positivity.

I am mobile, flexible with the number of participants, the available timeframe, the location as well as the type of statue that will be made.

Due to all these variables I suggest that you contact me so that we can discuss in detail what you have in mind for your specific event.

Do you cast other body parts? Do you cast penises?

At the moment, I do not offer to cast penises or other body parts as the main focus of Vulvarium lies on portraying the beauty and diversity of vulvas.

Can I buy a voucher for a vulva casting session?

Yes, I do sell vouchers for casting session and I know from experience that they are such cool gifts for a partner or friend.

I also really love selling vouchers because the women that come in due to a gifted casting session always bring along this special sort of excitement and energy. Those castings always turn into the most pleasant and fun meetings of them all, so please buy many vouchers for all your friends! Haha

What motivated you to start Vulvarium?

This question was answered in detail in the "About" section.

I would like to know more about who you are. Where can I find that out?

You can find out more about me in the "About" section.

Apart from that, I am happy to answer your questions any time. Just leave me a little message and I`ll come back to you as soon as possible.


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