Ready for diversity?


every vulva is normal,

Every vulva is different, 

every vulva is beautiful!

There are so many reasons to do so!         Here are the 8 most important ones: 

Why is it important to cast your vulva?

       The Gallery

                   & the Stories                   

Have a look at the diversity displayed in this gallery!


Take your time,

look at the differences as well as the similarities.


Re-evaluate what you consider as

“normal” or “beautiful” & come to the conclusion 


that every single vulva is perfect just the way it is! 

Along with these images you will find some

personal stories of the women displayed in the photos.

Experiences, feelings, thoughts-

words they wanted to share with you.


My name is Viki and I am the person behind Vulvarium and the vulva castings.

On paper, I am 27 years old and Austrian, but it sometimes feels as if I have lived quite a few different lives already.

I consider this a good thing and I am indeed very happy with who I am and with the direction my life is going.

Owning less and living more has so far been my best recipe and my glass is always half full – mostly with delicious, vegan red wine.

Vulvarium & me